Our Services

Our Services

As a Registered Investment Adviser, we embrace our fiduciary role in keeping the interests of our clients first. We operate as a fee-only investment advisory practice, which means we are compensated by advisory fees and do not receive any transaction-based fees, such as commissions. We offer a graduated fee schedule, which gives our clients the opportunity to receive a discounted fee on a portion of their account once a certain amount of assets is managed by the firm. The more assets we manage for each client means the lower their investment advisory rate goes.

Our services are sculpted to serve primarily high and higher net-worth investors and business owners. As a boutique management firm, we monitor and limit the number of client relationships we maintain in order to continue to deliver the best advice possible, as we strive to give each client the attention they expect and deserve. Our entire staff is highly involved in servicing our clients.

Implementing a team approach gives us operating efficiency and maximizes our efforts and expertise for our clients. We staff 3 investment adviser representatives and 2 in-house support staff, and leverage resources provided through our custodial and broker-dealer relationships. These include teams of estate attorneys and tax professionals, as well as various subject matter experts on Social Security, Medicare, special needs planning, retirement benefit plans, etc. This, along with many years of combined investment experience and talent, help us to deliver premiere service for our clients.

Investment Management

The core service of McGuire Wealth Management is investment portfolio advice and management – it is our number one focus.

We expend a great deal of time and energy individually managing each client’s investment portfolio. Each client undergoes a risk tolerance and investment objective assessment before adopting and implementing a personalized investment strategy and portfolio allocation. Our client portfolios are well diversified across market sectors and among industry groups, as well as over-weighted/under-weighted dependent on our short-term tactical market outlook and our long-term strategic market outlook. In primarily building portfolios of individual stocks, bonds, and ETFs, we see a unique benefit offered to our clients – they have investment clarity and know how their money is invested at all times.

Wealth Management & Retirement Income Planning

We view wealth management as an ongoing and dynamic process, often updated and improved as client’s goals and needs change as life goes on.

Our process begins with analyzing a client’s big picture, incorporating outside assets, pensions, retirement plans, business real estate assets, social security streams of income, advanced concepts (human capital, risk capacity, etc.), and more, to formulate the most advantageous and personalized strategy. We primarily adhere to a goals-based planning approach, which means identifying both long and short-term financial goals as well as formulating investment objectives and risk tolerances, assessing the client’s current financial situation, developing an investment strategy designed to achieve those goals and individual needs, and adopting and implementing the investment plan – one that is continually monitored to keep our clients on track to hopefully achieve their personal investment goals.

We believe that sound financial advice and planning should be devoted to a client’s withdrawal strategy, and not only just the accumulation phase. As retirement nears, we give special attention to often neglected and missed opportunities such as asset location analyses, Medicare premium surcharge analyses, and investment account liquidation order and tax minimization strategies, and others.

Wealth Analysis

Developing, implementing, and managing each client’s investment strategy often begins with a comprehensive wealth analysis.

A deep dive is performed to analyze net worth, liability and debt levels, insurance coverages, asset allocation and diversification, and many other important areas of a client’s “big picture.” Advanced integrated software is used to automatically monitor and update asset values, account investment allocations, and run probability analysis employing the use of Monte Carlo simulation algorithms. Our client wealth analysis is used as a tool to assist us in ongoing management, keeping risk tolerance and objectives aligned and up-to-date, identifying estate planning and tax planning opportunities, and more. Clients also rely on their analysis reports to monitor their overall financial status (via an available online portal or upon request), to assist with evaluation of personal goals, and to make adjustments accordingly.

Estate & Tax Planning Coordination

Using our wealth analysis as a guide can provide often overlooked details that can help maximize and drive sound and effective estate planning and tax avoidance strategies.

MWM often assesses and analyzes the topics such as cost basis, asset location between revocable trusts, IRA and retirement plan beneficiary designations, Irrevocable and Special Needs Trusts, all with consideration to federal, and often times, state estate taxes. Potential cost basis step-up due to death, inherited and Roth IRA planning strategies, and many other topics are considered depending on each client’s unique and personal situation. MWM does not provide any legal, accounting or tax advice. Client should seek the counsel of a qualified accountant and/or attorney when necessary. MWM may assist clients with tax harvesting and will work with a client’s tax specialist to answer any questions related to the client’s account.

Additional Services

MWM is involved with many other planning and financial topics not listed above such as:

  • Charitable gifting strategies
  • Business succession planning and assistance
  • Long-term care planning
  • Executive compensation plans
  • Securities-based loans and lines of credit
  • And more.

Please contact us for details.